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The Finance world is well acquainted with the term ‘Binary Options Trade’. If you are already familiar with this market, you would be fully aware of the numerous websites available today to ease the process of trading with these options. There are many websites promising high payout ratios to its clients and many other features. But eventually, all the sites are not real. Some are scams. You would want to avoid these.

The upcoming website named Stockpair seems to be really promising and rewarding. But are they are really worth your money? It is good to take a slow, thought through, rational decision when it comes to trusting someone with your money. So, are they really worth your trust? Or are they a yet another scam?


Stockpair is a pioneering entry in the world of binary trade. They have introduced the all new concept of Pair Trading. An option that was totally unheard of before and its potential were unimagined. Pair trading allows you to choose between the combinations of Forex trade and binary trade. One needs to bid on which asset would accumulate higher results. Thus the process is really simple thereby attracting investors all over the globe. It is a simply but an entirely unique concept.

The distinctive features about this website are as follows:

  • Authenticity: they are a regulated body hence one can be rest assured of their authenticity. They are real as they have to submit to the rules and regulations of a governing body and need to be accountable to them.
  • Highly Sophisticated: the platform of brokers available is some of the finest in the world. You know that if these brokers are listed with them then you can trust these brokers. They are very watchful about the transparency of the brokers and allow only the best to deal with them and the client benefits from all of this.
  • Cash Back Program: they offer the all new cash back program apart from the various bonuses that they are already offering to their clients. One can get refunds ranging from 0.5% t 3% on a monthly basis. Well, this is apart from the bonuses, so you can imagine what their bonuses would be like.


  • Trade on the Go: for busy clients who are always on the move, they have made their apps compatible with most phones and systems. Thereby you can have access to them, no matter where you are.
  • KIKO option: one need not worry about the scary time expiration margins in the binary trade. This option relieves the stress of losing out because the deal expires. The Knock In
  • Knock Out option allows you to decide an upper and lower margin for the stocks that you have chosen and once these prices occur the robot performs the deal for you. It doesn’t matter when the price comes. There is no expiration to the deal. Isn’t that fantastic?
  • Choice of Assets: they offer some of the best choices of assets to trade from. Ranging from currencies, stocks, commodities and indices- they are incomparable to the other sites. One can spread by investing in different types of asset thereby diffusing the risk.
  • Easy Deposit and Withdrawal Methods: no need to fill long forms and read through various terms and conditions. Joining them is very easy. They offer a broad range of deposit and withdrawal methods that one can opt for based on their convenience.


Looking at the various features above, one cannot be in doubt about their success. Do not believe what the competitors have to say. Try it for yourself to experience a paramount quality of service that is eagerly waiting for you to earn more money.